Tablet Based

Xseller8 makes it easy for salespeople to gain customer information and confidence by doing their complete sales process on the tablet.  These tools drive engagement by keeping the salesperson with the customer at all times!

Trade In Simplified

The desk knows! Using Xseller8 is like magic.  The customer’s trade is input with the customer beside you and sent to the desk.  It has been evaluated before the customer can say, “Amazing, how did you do that? “

Simple Desking

Xseller8 maximizes your time with the customer and reduces the wait time by allowing your team to send quotes and then receive feedback from your team through the tablet. The quotes are accurate due to automatic downloads of all incentives and lease programs.

Dynamic Reporting

Time is money! We have time reports on all processes.  This means that you manage your sales force with complete and accurate information.  Xseller8 gives you the reports that you have always wanted.  Where are your bottlenecks? Xseller8 shows you.   Who are your top performers? Xseller8 gives you every KPI to decide!